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Teddi Ritchie, Semiconductor Circuits, Inc. / USA /

We’ve used Proto Part exclusively for over 20 years” actually says it all. No other company provides better quality or more cost effective solutions than Proto Part. Even more importantly, Proto Part, the company and the people, have set an example of both customer and technical support that is absolutely unrivaled. It’s only when you do have a problem on a Friday at 5:00pm that you discover how good the support from Proto Part really is and can appreciate the unique relationship Proto Part has with its customers.

Road Tools LLC

The best price we had for making a mold for a new plastic computer accessory product was $17,000, that was before I came upon ProtoPart who quickly made the new mold for $4.500.

But the best part is the production, ProtoPart pumps these thing out faster than I ever expected. When I talk with others who have gone overseas for what they perceived to be greater efficiencies I feel like a genius for having selected ProtoPart.

Mark Chantal, Mirror Tee

I came to Proto Part for the price. I’m staying here for the service. They are the easiest, most flexible “partner” I could have.

Steve Woodward, RF Hunter

My overall opinion of Proto Part is Fabulous, with a top flight customer service as well as a Manufacturing Dept. second to none. Proto Part consistently has some of the best quality in the industry. The attention to details is absolutely the best, and I would HIGHLY recommended them to anyone.

Paul Fortin, Wall Industries

Once again, you’re helping save the day. I can’t say enough about the great job you’ve done for us on the rather hectic program.

Sample Comments from Customer Survey

Where can we improve our service to you?

Keep up the good work.

Just keep doing what you’re doing.

Thank you for fast and quality service. Relationship is strong.

No improvement necessary! We are extremely happy with service and product.